For those dentists who own the dental practice you work in, one of the main decisions that you would have to make at some point was which premises you were going to set up that business in. In the time since, your business may have changed in several ways, and that can then lead to another question as to whether your current premises are congruent with where your business is at.

We appreciate that moving premises is a significant step, and will undoubtedly cause some level of upheaval. However, for all the short-term downsides of moving, multiple positives can be realised, some quickly, and some in time. Below we have outlined five positive reasons for moving your dental practice to new premises.

It Can Reduce Outgoings And Thus Increase Profits

It is not the case that to increase profits you must always increase revenue. Profits can also be increased by reducing costs, and often one of the ways to do so is moving to a new location. Dentists can find themselves in premises where the rent and ancillary costs are extremely higher and continue to increase. If a landlord is not willing to reduce rent then it can often be the most sensible step to move to other premises where rent and cost are much lower.

It Enables Your Dental Business To Grow

All business owners, including dentists, must surely want their business to grow. As such, it can be the case that what contains that expansion is the premises in which their dental practice is located. Moving to larger, and possibly more modern premises may allow for additional dentists to join you, extra staff, extra capacity, enhanced treatment, and ultimately more patients which obviously will generate additional revenue and profits.

It Can Move Your Dental Practice Closer To Most Patients

Occasionally a dental practice will find itself in a location which is in a part of town or city which made have made sense many years ago, but where only a minority of its patients now live. This can be due to residential developments elsewhere, population shifts and changes in local demographics. As such it would make sense for them to be closer to not only their current patients but also to where most potential new patients are located.

It Can Allow You To Offer A Greater Range Of Services

A huge opportunity which would be created by moving to new premises is being able to provide an enhanced range of services and treatments. New premises with more treatment rooms, more space for waiting areas, and more dental professionals, some of whom may specialise in particular treatments, mean that your dental practice can be the ‘go-to’ practice for treatments that other dentists cannot offer due to the restrictions of their current premises.

It Can Provide An Opportunity To Relaunch Your Dental Business

Whether a business is on a run of success or struggling, a relaunch, if done correctly, can be a positive turning point to even greater success, or to start moving in the right direction. Whichever side of the coin your dental practice is on, moving to premises is a chance for you to relaunch your dental business. Local press, special promotions, and even a reopening day event can all create great publicity and help to bring in a wave of new patients.