Being able to carry out SEO research is vital if you are trying to rank your own website higher, or are an SEO expert working on behalf of clients according to SEO Perth. Having as much relevant information as possible will allow you to make more accurate assessments of the actions you need to take, especially in relation to keywords, backlinks and the competition. Here are five of the most popular SEO tools in use today.

#1 SEMrush: SEMrush is one of the most popular tools in the search engine optimisation arena, and most SEO experts have it as part of their research toolbox. It provides in-depth information and data on several parameters which include keywords research, organic rankings, video advertising, backlinks and paid advertising such as PPC and PPV.

SEMrush’s research results can be presented in many ways, including data tables, reports and graphs which are particularly useful when you need to present your findings to colleagues or clients.

#2 SEO Profiler: SEO Profiler provides a range of research information which allows webmasters and SEO agencies to have an advantage over their competitors. The tool can audit webpages plus analyse competitor sites, link building, keywords and social media so the appropriate changes and improvements can be made.

The data SEO Profiler provides can be presented via professional looking PDFs which allows for highly professional presentations to be created. The software allows multi-user accounts so a whole team within an SEO agency has access to its functions.

#3 Web CEO: This tool has several functions but its main emphasis is on helping to manage pay per click or SEO campaigns. Its comprehensive suite of tools includes the basic ones such as keyword research and competitor analysis, but it can also assist with content submission and technical audits of websites.

Web CEO will provide professional branded reports so that all the data can be easily understood with the added features of multi-language reporting, checklists and email alerts.

#4 SEO Powersuite: SEP Powersuite, as the name suggests, isn’t just one tool, it is a suite of four tools, each with a comprehensive set of functions. The first is Rank Tracker which covers an incredible 300 search engines. It also has competitor rankings and keyword analysis, as well as geotargeting. SEO Spyglass gives you backlinks data including that of your competitors.

Website Auditor produces site audit reports which will ensure you know exactly where your website needs to be optimised and finally Link Assistant helps you to manage all your backlinks as well as looking for new opportunities for you to set up links back to your website.

#5 iBusiness Promoter: Also known as IBP, it has a suite of tools to help you optimise your website, promote it and then track your results. It works on the basis that you choose the keyword you want to rank for. It then analyses your web page, and recommends what action you need to take in order to achieve better rankings.

Although the process is simple, this should not be taken to mean the tools IBP uses are too basic or fail to provide sufficient information. On the contrary, the data and information supplied is excellent, with the added bonus that IBP is approved by all the major search engines