Creating the copy for email marketing campaigns is a highly valued skill as it can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. For this reason, many businesses employ a digital agency who can advise on, and in most cases, create the email copy that will be the most effective for any given marketing goal.

The first benefit of using an agency is their considerable experience of running email marketing campaigns for other companies. This means they will have the data relating to open rates and sales and they will have analysed it thoroughly. In effect, this means you are benefitting from the investment that previous companies have made in their email campaigns, as their results can help the agency make your campaign the best it can be.

Digital agencies like Cybera Digital, will also have a vast archive of emails relating to all sorts of niches and all kinds of calls to action. Using this archive and other templates, they will be able to create as many emails for your campaigns as you wish.  Even better they will be able to use the templates from previous successful campaigns and tailor them to suit your niche and your company.

This is where their experience is even more helpful as they will have data relating to how subscribers in different niches or with different interests react to certain subject lines and email copy. For example, if your business is offering financial services, the agency will have past campaigns which were sent to subscribers of a financial newsletter or from an investment advisor. Using the sales copy from the emails that had the best response, they can create bespoke emails for your business based upon what worked previously. This same principle applies to whatever niche or industry sector you are in.

Just think about the time, effort and money you are saving compared to how it would be if you were creating email copy with none of this previous data available to you. It would be akin to shooting in the dark, and trying to hit a target.

Digital agencies will have copywriters who can create broadcast and email series based on their experience and their natural ability to write highly effective email copy. Often these will be in-house, or sometimes they will subcontract the work out to copywriters that they know can do the best job for you. Again, this saves you a lot of time by not having to search yourself for a copywriter, and the additional issues which would arise from hiring someone, who unfortunately turns out to be not very good.

The copywriter which your digital agency employs will be able to write emails of all kinds that can produce the specific results you want. Whether you want your subscribers to complete a survey, share your content on social media, or buy a product by clicking on an affiliate link, the copywriter will create copy that speaks to these aims and persuades your readers to take the desired action.