Talk to any seasoned exponent of email marketing about the best way to make it effective and they’ll tell you that you need to create a relationship with your subscribers. The question is, how can you do that?

If you are just starting an online business, unless you have an extremely large amount of financial backing or investment, it is likely you are starting the business yourself or possibly with a partner. This is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your subscribers right away.

This can be done in several ways but one of the most effective is to add a personal touch to your emails instead of making them all business talk from start to finish. In other words, let your email subscriber know that there is a real person behind these emails.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you might want to add in a little bit of your personal life, by mentioning you partner, kids, family, friends or even your pets. Don’t go overboard with this but remember your subscribers are like the rest us, and so they love hearing other people’s news, especially if it’s interesting.

A great way to use your personal life is to take some of the things that have or are happening and relate them in some way to the advice you are giving your subscribers. If your emails give advice to other businesses, you might want to talk about great customer service your family received whilst eating out. Or if you are in the personal development field, you could relate a story about how a friend transformed their life using the art of goal setting.

Whichever niche you are in, there are bound to be circumstances that arise within your own life that can be used to give anything you are talking about that relates to business, more interest and appeal for those who are reading your emails.

Another great way for your emails to resonate with your subscribers is to tell them about mistakes you have made in the past. Explain what they were, and how you turned the situation around. Being honest about times where you got things wrong is a fantastic way to build trust amongst your following.

On a similar vein, you could tell your subscribers about a scenario or situation where you weren’t sure of the way forward and therefore sought the help and advice of a someone else, possibly even a mentor. Opening up and admitting to your followers that you don’t know everything and that you sometimes need help, will build trust levels higher, and will also put the idea in their head that seeking advice is the right thing to do.

With that thought in their mind, if the time comes when you are promoting a course or product that provides lots of ideas and how-tos, then you are going to have more credibility telling your subscribers that the product is worth buying, especially if it has been created by someone whom you go to for advice.