Starting a new business isn’t a walk in the park. You may be confused about how to start and what to put in place. So, if you are pondering on starting a commercial cleaning business, you are in the right place.

Commercial cleaners are currently in high demand. If you know your onions as a professional cleaner, you can run a booming business that will be the envy of the industry. What do you need to know before you start your business?

Keep reading for better knowledge on how to start a cleaning business in 2024.

Preliminary: Is it Right For You?

Before you take any further action, we need you to think this through. The cleaning business is quite attractive, considering it has been in high demand since 2020. The industry is expected to grow immensely in the next few years, so it’s pretty much guaranteed to earn you a decent income.

But is it right for you? Not everyone can run a successful commercial cleaners business. Here are some skills that might make this a perfect fit for you:

Eye for Detail

Nothing should go unnoticed—even if the client misses the detail, you should be thorough enough not to miss it. This means you need to always be on point.

Time Management Skills

Some clients need urgent cleaning services at a given time. Be time-conscious and be there whenever you promise to be there. Or always stay accountable if you’re late.

Honesty and People Skills

You’ll need to interact with your customers often. People skills are valuable because they will help you build your cleaning business. Similarly, when people invite you to clean their homes or offices, they want to be sure you are trustworthy.

Health and Safety Conscious

You’ll need to adhere to safety measures and be conscious of your health during your work. As sanitation experts, your clients expect top-notch health and safety from you.

Note that all these are skills that can be trained over time!

How To Set Up Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Now that you have confirmed that professional cleaning services is your thing, let’s get down to business. How will you set up your business and get started?

Do Your Research

Launching a business without proper groundwork or research is like shooting without aiming. You have zero chances of hitting a target that way. The cleaning industry is pretty vast. What services are in demand?

For instance, you may focus on office, strata, commercial, or green cleaning. Market research will guide you properly in carving a niche for yourself from the onset.

Draft a Business Plan

Now that you know the kind of cleaning services you want to offer, draft a detailed business plan. Map out your financial position and funding plans, study your competitors, determine their weaknesses and strengths, and state your goals and mission statements.

The more detailed your business plan, the more informed you’ll be while starting your business.

Register Your Cleaning Business Name

Next, decide on your business structure, e.g., company, partnership, proprietorship, etc. Once you decide on this, choose a suitable name for your business and get the necessary business license.

However, the registration requirements for your business may vary depending on your location. We suggest you research and take all the steps required to register your business name properly. This assures your clients that you are running a legitimate business.

Get the Right Equipment For Your Business

Do you know your clients can easily opt for a DIY cleaning instead of hiring you? However, one major reason people seek professional cleaning services is because they trust experts to have the right equipment.

Using the right equipment, you’ll provide a stellar finish that a DIY process wouldn’t afford them. So, this step is crucial to starting your commercial cleaning business.

Invest heavily in equipment, from vacuum cleaners to industrial-grade tools and quality products. This will go a long way toward leaving a great first impression that converts a first-time client to a regular customer.

Recruitment and Training

Of course, you can’t start your business with a huge staff base. But as the company grows, you’ll need more expert hands— emphasis on expert. It may be challenging to hire people with outstanding cleaning skills. That’s where training comes in.

Organize detailed training and hire skilled talents who are ready to put in their all. As a cleaning business owner, you must vet your employees properly to avoid hiring the wrong people who will negatively affect your business.

Market Your Business Properly

As a new company, you should market your business aggressively. If you don’t put your name out there, you may never get the recognition you deserve, even if you deliver exceptional cleaning services.

Create a solid system that keeps your existing clients engaged and exposes you to new clients around you. While you may adopt traditional advertising methods like leaflets and print ads, try the following marketing tips:

  • Use social media aggressively.
  • Implement referral programs for your current clients (e.g., discounts)
  • Take advantage of your current network and encourage word-of-mouth advertisement
  • Don’t ignore branding
  • Network with local business owners around you
  • Build a website and focus on local SEO

Manage Your Finances like Your Life Depends on It

As a matter of fact, your life depends on it. Being a small business owner comes with its fair share of financial complications. However, only businesses with efficient financial management systems will succeed beyond the first year.

Always track your finances. Be careful with expenses and focus only on important purchases.

Set Realistic Goals For Your Business

What are your goals as a commercial cleaning business? When you have a goal, you’ll be well motivated to achieve it. But when you don’t have clear business goals, you are like a freelancer that probably works at will.

To succeed in this vicious industry, have a goal that drives you. That’s how to beat your competitors in business.

Get To Work!

Finally, you may purchase your first mop and bucket—it’s time to get down to business. From conducting research to drafting a business plan and buying your equipment, every step in this article is essential.

Starting a successful cleaning business is possible, but you need to be adequately prepared to conquer the industry!