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Why Business Owners Should Know The Difference Between Rehab And Detox

Within the realms of employee welfare, many employers use terms like ‘drug detox’ and ‘drug rehab’, and often use them interchangeably to refer to, what they believe is, the same thing. The key point we will make within this article is that detox and rehab within the sphere of drug use and recovery from drug addiction are two entirely different processes and that employers and business owners need to know the differences between them.

Drug Detox Explained

Detox, which is short for detoxification, is the process by which someone seeks to rid their body of all traces of any drugs and their inherent toxins from the body. Detox is usually seen as the first step towards recovery from drug use and addiction, and the basis for starting that road to recovery.

In the most severe cases, where the person is heavily addicted to specific drugs, such as ice addiction, they may require prescribed medication to help minimize the inevitable symptoms of withdrawal as they detox. In the less serious cases, an individual might only require information on what steps to take during detox, and support from drug counsellors or therapy groups.