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The Simplest eCommerce Platforms for Beginners

As the internet continues to expand and grow its capabilities, more and more people are starting remote or online businesses. Starting an online store is now easier than ever with a range of eCommerce platforms and dropship providers, and all you need is a few dollars and some marketing smarts.

One of the most important things when opening a new online store is getting the right eCommerce platform. Some platforms are made for large businesses or experienced designers, while others are much simpler, designed to be used by normal people who have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak. With this in mind, here are the best eCommerce platforms for people starting their first online store:


I think that Shopify would top anyone’s list of the simplest eCommerce platforms out there. It is designed to help you create your online store with the least amount of fuss possible, even if you aren’t really very technologically minded. Shopify is adaptable to any business of any size. It boasts over 1000 apps which you can use to increase the success of your store. Best of all, it’s simple!


Magento is growing in popularity as it becomes more widely known. It has two main features which make it an attractive eCommerce platform for any business of any size: it is scalable to any store size, and it is open source. The fact that it is open source means that you can add anything to your store (assuming that you have a little bit of developing knowledge). Things like statistical analysers, store tools, and even marketing features can be included at the touch of a button, allowing you to completely customise your store.