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How To Legally Register A Business Name In Australia

How To Legally Register A Business Name In Australia

There is an often-used question, “What’s in a name?” and if you were to ask commercial lawyers, they would tell you that when it comes to business, there is a lot in a business name. If you consider the most iconic brands in the world, it is their name that people are attracted to long before they think about the product.

At a lower level, and for businesses within Australia, knowing how you choose your name and the legalities that follow are essential. The last thing you want is to pick a name and then start trading, including having all your promotional material paid for and a sign company installing your logo out the front, only to receive notice that you are using the registered name of another business.

Business Name Criteria

You can avoid all the angst that would result by following the simple steps to have a business name you can call your own. For a start, registering a business name is not always necessary, as if specific criteria exist; it is not required. Those criteria are: