Over the past few years artificial intelligence technology has been improving rapidly. Now, it has got to a point where AI can be used by the average person for everyday tasks. As scary as this is, it’s important to take advantage of the great opportunities presented by AI, otherwise you might find yourself falling behind your competitors.

With this in mind, I decided to have a close look at a few ways you can use AI to improve your WordPress website. I considered things like design, the user experience, and streamlining business processes, and came up with the following:

Consider Integrating Chatbots

One of the biggest things to come out of the recent AI boom is chatbots. Although they haven’t quite reached a point where they can replace humans completely, modern chatbots offer an effective way to communicate with website visitors.

There are a few reasons why you might decide to include a chatbot as part of your WordPress website. On the one hand, they can effectively eliminate the need for human support staff. However, they aren’t advanced enough yet to recognise human emotions and their features tend to be somewhat limited.

Use AI Search Assistants

If you’re thinking about building a large website that people are likely to search for things on, then you should seriously consider using an AI search assistant. Recently, AI powered voice search has begun to increase in popularity, growing to become a serious competitor for traditional text-based searches.

I’d recommend getting ahead of the pack and integrating voice-search technology with your website now. AI voice search will almost certainly become a key web development feature in the future, so you may as well start getting used to it sooner rather than later.

Use AI To Personalize The User Experience

Although this isn’t yet a major feature, some people are starting to use AI technology to improve the user experience and boost customer engagement.

The theory behind this is that AI can recognise the mood of consumers and tailor the content that’s presented to them and the way that it’s presented accordingly.

For example, AI allows you to offer product recommendations, set special prices, and even display personalized ads to certain users.

AI Can Improve Your SEO

It’s important to realise that not all AI technology is directed towards improving the user experience. There are also numerous WordPress plugins available that use AI to boost your SEO score and improve your search engine ranking.

For example, a plugin like WordLift can be used to create automatic meta descriptions, content tags, and other SEO information, effectively streamlining the content creation process and reducing the pressure on you and your team.

Final Word

If you’re serious about building a successful website, blog, or online store, then you need to think very carefully about integrating AI technology. AI comes in a range of forms, but it almost always can be used to improve your website, optimising user experience and boosting engagement levels.